French Girls

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French Girls (2014-2018) was an app with the slogan "Take selfies. Get drawings" where people could do just that. You would upload a selfie, and someone else could draw it. Needless to say, I turned people into sloths.

Here are some of my least worst sloth portraits from the app.

Profile portrait of a sloth with an elegant hairdo, in sepia tones

Parody of the Raiders of the Lost Ark poster, with Indy as a sloth wearing glasses, and the French Girls app mascot on the background.

Botticelli's Venus as a sloth.

Sloth riding a tiger.

A sad sloth dressed up as a Pierrot clown, with an African grey parrot sitting on his shoulder.

A reproduction of the sloth wearing sunglasses meme picture.

A chibi-style sloth with bright red hair and day of the dead make-up, holding an action figure of Emily from Corpse Bride.

A slightly art nouveau-ish sloth in 1920-ish hairdo, waring pearls.

A chibi-style sloth with piercings, tentacles for hair, and a seductive look.

Alphonse Mucha's Dance as a chibi sloth.'

A chibi-style sloth with spiky black hair, excitedly playing video games.

A chibi-style sloth wearing a crown, eyeglasses, and ermine cape, holding a stylus and a burrito.

A chibi-style sloth, wearing a split in the middle red and blue wig and an opera mask, holding action figures of Deadpool and the Joker with their heads exchanged.

A chibi-style sloth sitting in a small boat, wearing an eyepatch and a pirate hat, and holding a wooden sword while sipping something from a metal flask.

A chibi-style sloth contently sitting on a small patch of land in a pond, wearing a large toad stool for a hat.

The Tenth Doctor as a sloth, holding the sonic screwdriver

The poster of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, except instead of the Ugly, it's the Slow, with a sloth.'

A sloth wearing a knitted hat

A sloth wearing a toy astronaut helmet, holding a sign saying 'Ad astra. Tardius.'

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